Youth Services

Penrose-St. Francis Health Services and Solid Rock Community Development Corporation are collaborating on the Youth Violence Prevention Implementation Grant awarded to Penrose St. Francis Health Services by CommonSpirit Health. It is the intent of both parties to work together to decrease youth violence in the Southeast Colorado Springs community.

SRCDC will be initiating a new project this year called the Civic Ambassadors Program. This program gives youth the opportunity to make a difference in the community. The youth will be impacted by volunteering to help seniors and other community members/organizations in need, to help make the Southeast Colorado Springs community a better place. 

As the program grows, youth will serve in an advisory role to ensure the program is meeting the needs of the youth in our community. Included in the program, social activities will facilitate building relationships with seniors while creating an intergenerational experience.

The Youth Service Program (YSP) offers 11-18-year old’s the opportunity to gain skills and improve their world through volunteering. YSP mobilizes diverse groups of youth volunteers from across the community into teams to complete meaningful service-learning projects that address a variety of important needs. 

The Civic Ambassadors Program of Colorado Springs includes: 

• Outreach to high-risk families and youth.

• Connecting youth to community service roles with older adults in the Southeast Community.

• Model and teach relationship building, financial literacy and other life skills while building relationships with seniors in the community.

• Convene an advisory board that youth will serve on.

• Provide leadership opportunities for youth to advise younger volunteers in the program.

• Evaluate initiative through maintaining violence prevention measurements and feedback from groups.

Join us as we seek to empower our youth to make a difference in SE Colorado Springs. 

Civic Ambassador Documentation


Week 1: Orientation

Week 2: Group Projects

Week 3: Health & Wellness

Week 4: Local History

Week 5: Local Government

Week 6: Community Development

Week 7: Diversity Inclusion & Equity

Week 8: Non Profit Presentations

Week 9: Public Safety & Human Services

Week 10: Community Advocate & Leadership Leacy

For full schedule please download the Civic Ambassador Documentation from link above.

Civic Ambassadors Programs

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