A community HUB is being designed to nurture and support a thriving and diverse community,

where all residents have a chance to benefit from economic prosperity and financial inclusion.

Right now, a prime location for the HUUB is currently under contract.

In Our current phase of building HUUB, we’re focused on acquiring the prime commercial space and taking the necessary steps to renovate it.

The goal is to help residents build lasting community connections and foster economic strength in Southeast Colorado Springs. The Community Huub will

have space for multiple activities, an environment that invites socializing between friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.


Phase 1: Acquisition

Fundraising Plan ($5 Million)
Expected Closing June 1, 2022


Phase 2: Stabilization

Hire property manager
Rebranding for commercial property
Hire contractor for renovation


Phase 3: Renovation

Develop a renovation plan
Fundraising plan (renovation)


Phase 4: CIT Implementation

Form C-Corp
Mercy Corp edu curriculum and portal purchase
Build base of facilitators for “Train the trainer” classes. These facilitators will teach the “Owing to Owning” classes
CIT marketing plan/block party


Phase 5: Transition Strategy

Outline Organizational Structure
Transfer property to SECIT