Youth Services

The Solid Rock CDC and Penrose-St Francis Health Services are collaborating on the Youth Violence Prevention Implementation Grant awarded to Penrose St. Francis Health Services by CommonSpirit Health. It is the intent of both parties to work together to decrease youth violence in the Southeast Colorado Springs, by increasing the resources available to at-risk children.

What is Solid Rock CDC Doing?

SRCDC initiated a new project in 2021 called the Civic Ambassadors Program. We have teamed up with the Harrison School District 2, with an overall goal of preventing youth violence. This 16-week long program gives youth the opportunity to make a difference in the community. The program helps to create proactive outlets and meaningful connections both inside and outside the community. We aim to help create active and knowledgeable citizens with the life skills needed to take on successful leadership roles in the future.

Why is it necessary?

When the Colorado Division of Youth Services released their annual report in January of 2022, for the fiscal year of 2021, the numbers were a little deceiving. On one side, newly detained youth was down by nearly 44% – however, 35% of those admissions were for a violent charge. Property crimes reduced by 4.3%, but violent crimes against persons saw their second year of substantial growth. Right now, juvenile arrests are down 55%, which represents substantial progress in youth prevention and youth programming. But 26% of the newly committed youth population were sentenced as violent offenders for the year. The Civic Ambassadors program is designed to get the youth engaged in positive activities as an alternative to criminal activities. The program’s youth are able to advance educationally, financially and vocationally

Internship Program

This program is now full. Please contact us for information on our next class.